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Launch. Repeat.“

Berthold Giese

App development and operation


We develop native apps for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform applications and Windows as well as desktop apps. With over 10 years of experience in the realization of apps and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, we advise and support you in conception, UX design, implementation and AppStore distribution.

Apps that inspire.


  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Desktop Apps for Windows and macOS
  • App backend and operation
  • Automated tests

iOS & Android Apps

Native iOS & Android Apps


The development of a native app takes full advantage of the system environment and components and offers the best user experience. Our experienced iOS and Android experts have been developing since iPhone 3 / Android 1.1 and have many years of experience in developing mobile devices and their system environments.


  • One individual code base per platform (Android, iOS)
  • Native Look & Feel
  • Best integration with system components
  • Highest performance for graphic animations
  • Distribution via App Store, use of in-appurchases
  • Push messages
  • Integrated App Monitoring


  • Online and offline operation
  • Distribution in the App Store or Inhouse (Enterprise Distribution)
  • Multiple languages
  • In-App Purchases
  • Shopping cart, order function and connection to shop system
  • Push messages
  • Fabric & Google Firebase
  • Tracking and Analytics with Google TagManager
  • Measurement and evaluation of monthly active users (MAU)
  • Integration of Blätterkatalog SDK

Blätterkatalog catalogue-App and E-Paper
App and SDK


As specialist for the digital presentation of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, flyers, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, we offer our flipping book app as catalogue and kiosk app.

In addition to the variant as an independent app, we also offer the Blätterkatalog Apps as SDK for your iOS and Android App. Integrate a shelf view with groups and issues into your app and benefit from our sophisticated app module with many interactive functions:


  • Shelf view
  • Flipping book E-Paper issues
  • Read online and download for offline use
  • Real 3D page turning animation or page shifting
  • High performance search function
  • Table of content
  • Bookmarks and notes
  • Interactive links and shop integration
  • Picture galleries and videos
  • For Smartphone and Tablet
  • iOS and Android

Cross Platform Apps

React Native and Titanium Appcelerator


We work with React Native and Axway’s Appcelerator Studio to offer you apps for all major platforms. On a common code base.


  • One codebase for all native platforms
  • Native Apps
  • Mobile APIs
  • Real Time Analytics
  • One Platform
  • Faster development cycles


Desktop Apps for Windows and macOS

Desktop Apps for Windows and macOS with Electron

We have been developing desktop apps with cross platform technologies since 2009. Since the introduction of NodeJS and the Framework Electron, we have developed our platform further, so that we can implement even more easily and efficiently desktop apps for your needs.


  • Windows App Store
  • Mac App Store
  • Full touch support for desktop and mobile devices (Windows Tablets)
  • Platform independent development
  • Windows10 support
  • Notifications and System Tray Access
  • Connection to other native applications


App backend and operation

We operate your software professionally in the Google Cloud, at Amazon AWS or in the Hetzner Cloud. Fail-safe and scalable. As a virtual machine or as a docker container in a cubernet cluster. With a professional content delivery network for maximum speed and availability. Worldwide.

Google App Engine


The Google App Engine provides backends for apps and web on an open cloud platform.

Fast. Reliable. Scalable.


  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • All technologies used are supported
  • Fast key value database

Get in touch with us – we will advise you which operating platform is best for your app.


Automated testing

Jenkins Continuous Integration

Your iOS, Android and Desktop App is built and tested automatically and centralized by Jenkins. At every change.

DeviceWall Testing

Our DeviceWall with over 30 devices performs 24×7 automatic tests. We keep different generations and operating system variants of iOS and Android devices available to systematically test your app.

Over and over again.



Our team of experienced business analysts, technical consultants and certified software architects accompanies every project from the very beginning – flexibly, creatively and goal-oriented.


We discuss with you the functional direction, target group and create a concept for the perfect implementation.

Prototyping and UX Design

In addition to the early verification of the processes with a click dummy, we coordinate the UX design with you – for an optimal user experience.

Development and testing

Right from the start, we rely on automatic unit and integration tests on our device wall. This enables us to ensure the highest quality and reliability during implementation.

Backend and rollout

Each app comes with a container-based backend. This forms the basis for a secure and scalable operation for your app.

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