“We don’t float
in the clouds,
we serve them.”

Jan Purfürst

Cloud Service Architecture


The difference between “software” and “software that works” is not only the quality but also the operation of the software. We rely on container architectures and the established Kubernetes runtime environment (“Container Orchestration”) usually in the Google Cloud or at Amazon.

Upon request, we can also set up Kubernetes Cluster on customer systems.

We want you to be satisfied! With our offer Software as a Service (“SaaS”) you get software solutions that work.


  • Software as a Service
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Business Infrastructure & Content Delivery

Software as a Service

In recent years there has been – as in all areas – continuous further development in the software industry. The Internet is accessible from anywhere in the world and has paved the way for new service models such as Software as a Service (SaaS).

With “Software as a Service”, you use provided software that does not have to be installed locally, but is used via an Internet connection. Hardware and software are provided by the service provider. You simply use the functions of the software from outside.

SaaS is expanding into many areas as an attractive cloud solution, as there are many advantages over installed software for both users and companies.

You need standard software and are looking for a partner who can advise and support you in selection and configuration?

No matter which software you choose, whether it is the Google Cloud Launcher, Amazon AWS Marketplace or any other solution, we will be happy to advise and help you with the setup and configuration and support you during operation.

Benefits of SaaS Solutions

Low investment and infrastructure costs. There are no investment and depreciation costs.

Access from anywhere. Services can be accessed from any connected device. Users can also use the tools provided on the go or from other systems, making telecommuting easier and more flexible.

Fast introduction and integration of new employees. Since no software solution needs to be installed, setup is quick and easy. New employees are also easily connected.

Reduced IT workload. Maintenance by the provider takes the load off your IT department. So you have more time for business-critical tasks again.

User-oriented – scalable at any time. Companies do not pay lump sums, access is usually per workstation per month. If demand increases, additional workstations can be added and applications expanded. This enables you to control your expenses efficiently.

Security standards. The cloud architecture offers all users the same security standards: By storing all data decentrally on a cloud server, local hardware and software problems rarely lead to data loss.

New features and automatic updates. The operator takes care of all updates, you don’t have to worry about software maintenance and always use the latest version of the services.

Docker and Kubernetes

No other container provider has shaped IT as much as Docker in recent years.

We use different container technologies such as Docker or LXC to isolate applications so that they can run independently. This independence allows multiple services to be run separately, taking into account portability, possible “self-healing” and automatic updating of your application.

At the same time, a sophisticated development chain ensures that only stable and tested application containers are used.

We develop new software in the form of microservices and use docker containers more and more frequently. Our applications / microservices communicate with each other and store their data persistently in our highly available Galera database cluster or in our shared storage CePH cluster. The applications can thus be provided, distributed and controlled much faster. In addition, the cluster systems ensure increased reliability.

Our experience of many years in the software development, enables us to advise you also in this area extensively to select the right instrument for you. We place particular emphasis on efficiency and profitability.

Docker Container


With the help of a container orchestration, the individual container groups can be automatically restarted, updated and operated on the server as required. If one server fails, an orchestration ensures the immediate restart of the service on another server. The data persistence is massively increased by redundant storage options.

This makes it possible to make better use of the infrastructure and at the same time increase the security provided by systems working separately.

Kubernetes has developed into a de facto standard.

Fail-safe master nodes control the operation of the containers on several working nodes. Due to the dynamic nature of Kubernetes, any number of working nodes can be added – without any significant downtime.

In addition to scalability, maintenance, stability and reliability are important aspects to consider when choosing Kubernetes for your project. We are also happy to support you in putting your own Cubernet cluster into operation in-house and in German computer centres. For maximum independence and control of your applications.

Business Infrastructure & Content Delivery

Content Delivery


The main purpose of a content delivery network (CDN) is to make websites load faster worldwide.
A CDN is a network of servers in various data centers around the world. Many of our customers have users all over the world. They can hardly be expected to load data only from German or European data centres, which can lead to very long loading times.

We always recommend a CDN when users access your data worldwide. With a CDN, your web server connects to a variety of other servers. With the help of a distribution system, the static content (such as JavaScript and CSS files as well as images) of your web server is transferred to so-called replica servers. A request routing system determines which replica server in the CDN is best suited for delivering the data.

The speed advantage of a content delivery network can be enormous, which also can be measured in increased user satisfaction.

We have many years of experience with various CDN providers, which we are happy to pass on to you and support you in selecting and setting up your CDN provider.



We operate your software professionally in the Google Cloud, at Amazon AWS or in the Hetzner Cloud. Fail-safe and scalable. As a virtual machine or as a docker container in a cubernet cluster. With a professional content delivery network for maximum speed and availability. Worldwide.