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Torsten Kruse

Agile Software Development


As your specialist for technically sophisticated individual software, we do everything in our power to develop a solution for you that exactly meets your needs. Our services cover the entire software development cycle, from professional and technical strategy and consulting to professional implementation, operation and full-service support for your application.

If there is no suitable standard software, we create the strong innovative power you need for your projects through our high degree of flexibility and well-trained development teams.

Sustainable software that inspires users. For your success.


  • Demanding individual software
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Agile Development
  • Continuous quality
  • Operation

Demanding individual software

If there is no suitable standard software available, we are your partner for an individual software solution that exactly meets your needs.

We develop software, databases and interfaces for you and thus increase the efficiency of your marketing, sales and production processes.

We start with a thorough analysis of your initial situation and your technical infrastructure. We support you in defining the goals to be achieved and in drawing up a detailed functional specification, which is implemented by our experienced IT experts.

We develop agilely in sprints and use JIRA software for planning, controlling and monitoring the development. Through your personal access, you are always up to date with the latest developments. Only after a thorough and extensive test phase the software is released for use.

Software lives. It is used every day by your users. Of course we are also available to you after commissioning of the software for adaptations or revisions due to changing framework conditions.

If you wish, we can also host your software and take care of its operation.

Innovative Technologies

Microservice Architectures

Take advantage of our advice and experience in service architectures. For modern, modular and scalable software.

We have been using the Spring Framework for many years and analyze together with you which architecture fits best your software. With central configuration management, logging and monitoring.


The framework for your business

We prefer to use Vaadin for the implementation of your data- and/or workflow-driven business applications. With Vaadin, we can reduce project runtimes and ensure a high degree of user-friendliness of the applications. In particular, you benefit from the reuse of UI components and fast development cycles.

Our certified Vaadin developers are looking forward to your project.

We use the latest and innovative technologies to find the right setup for your project.

For future-proof solutions and efficient implementation.




Docker Container











Spring Boot


12 Factor Apps


The “Twelve-Factor App Principles” describe state-of-the-art application architectures for future-proof software. We apply the 12-factor methods to consider the interaction and runtime integration of service modules early in software development. This approach allows continuous deployment, highest portability and scalable cloud operation. A software service container requires declarative and isolated dependencies, configuration management, connection to storage and messaging services as well as centralized logging and monitoring.

Agile Development

We use SCRUM for agile software development of your individual solution.

Behind SCRUM lies a specification of rules and recurring processes that lead to a product that completes itself piece by piece and can be designed flexibly.

With SCRUM, budget, time and functional requirements can be reliably met. The secret of SCRUM’s success lies in the dynamic handling of requirements before and during a project. This dynamic generates software that delivers exactly what you and your users want.

Jira, Confluence and Chat


You are involved in the development from the first prototype to the finished result. We work agile in sprints and use Jira to plan, control and monitor the development. For highest quality and reliable results.

Your project will be professionally set up by us with Jira and Confluence from Atlassian. You always have a complete overview and full transparency. If you wish, you can also have your own Chat Channel, through which you can reach your project team quickly and easily at any time.


Continuous Quality

Continuous Code Quality

The technical source code quality is measured and regularly improved across different programming languages. Each project is analyzed and checked by Jenkins using SonarQube and OWASP.

Continuous Jenkins Pipelines

All of our software is built with Jenkins and passes through automated testing. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. For highest quality and reproducibility.

DevOps – Agile IT


Agile software development does not end with the delivery of the tested software. Software engineering covers the entire process:

  • plan
  • code
  • build
  • test
  • release
  • deploy
  • operate
  • monitor

For successful continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. Our developers and administrators work hand in hand with the same practices and tools to ensure consistent, consistent processes.



We operate your software professionally in the Google Cloud, at Amazon AWS or in the Hetzner Cloud. Fail-safe and scalable. As a virtual machine or as a docker container in a cubernet cluster. With a professional content delivery network for maximum speed and availability. Worldwide.


Our team of experienced business analysts, technical consultants and certified software architects accompanies every project from the very beginning – flexibly, creatively and goal-oriented.

Consulting and Strategy

We analyse your wishes and processes and develop solution options and decision recommendations for you. Our consulting accompanies you from the first conversation over the implementation up to the full-service customer care.

Design and Architecture

You want to inspire your users with good software. We design an innovative architecture for the project and use state-of-the-art software technologies. For a reliably functioning result and satisfied users.

Agile Development

You will be involved in the development from the first prototype to the finished result. We work agile in sprints and use JIRA software to plan, control and monitor the development. For highest quality and reliable results.

Full service

Operation – Training – Monitoring – Analytics – Customer Care.
Software lives. It is used every day by your users. Together with you, we analyze how the software is used and accompany its maintenance and further development. For your success.

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